General repairs of machines

The aim of overhauls is to extend the life of machines, increase their performance and minimise the risk of breakdowns.

In the rubber industry, overhauls may focus on machines used in the production of tyres, rubber or other rubber products. In the plastics industry, overhauls may be carried out on moulding machines, injection moulds or other plastics processing equipment.

These machine overhauls include comprehensive service work that focuses on the restoration and optimization of machinery in these industries.

During this process, thorough overhauls, repairs and upgrades are made to the machines to ensure their optimal functioning.

These overhauls typically include disassembly, thorough cleaning, replacement of worn or damaged components, inspection and calibration, and finally reassembly of the machine. In addition, retrofits may be performed to improve the efficiency, energy efficiency or safety of the machine.

Overall, machine overhauls in the rubber and plastics industry are a key step in keeping production equipment in peak condition and optimizing its performance.