Production of spare parts

Obrázek - výroba náhradních dílů

Machines in the rubber and plastics industry often have specific spare parts due to their specific purpose and demanding working environment.

The production of rubber products and plastics often involves the handling of aggressive materials, high pressures and temperatures. This can cause wear and stress on key machine components such as worm shafts, moulds or press plates.

The rubber and plastics industry produces a wide range of products, and each may require different specific spare parts. For example, in the plastics industry, different moulds may require different inserts or mandrels.

By being designed with these factors in mind, spare parts can be more effective and durable in the specific environment and operation of these industrial machines.

The production of specific spare parts is therefore a key element in optimising operations in the rubber and plastics industry. The ability to manufacture these parts tailored to the needs of our customers brings many benefits such as faster repairs, lower maintenance costs and minimal machine downtime.

Being able to manufacture specific spare parts allows us to offer a tailored service to our customers and provide them with a complete maintenance and repair solution.